Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ipad & Iphone Tip- 4

If you are an icloud user you can take advantage of a feature called "Find my Iphone".  "Find my Iphone" is an app that allows you to locate where your Iphone or Ipad is if you think it is lost or someone may have taken it. To set up this service you must do the following:

   Go to Settings
Tap on the icloud option
Enter you Apple ID and Password
Turn on Find my Iphone

With "Find my Iphone" now enabled if you cannot find your Iphone or Ipad  you can log into your account on or use the Find my Iphone app on another Iphone or Ipad to see an approximate location of your device.

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Rajeev Kuruganti said...

Thank you for this tip. Can we see some tips for Android?